Actors for Grenfell Tower

Actors for Grenfell Tower

When I see an incident that’s covered by major networks around the globe I find it suspicious. Especially in this case, when the official narrative says this was due to a hotpoint fridge.

Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower

I’m interested. Leads me to investigate further. I normally inspect these situations on my computer and scrutinise different angles, on average I find something that amuses me. But this case is different, there’s a few.

Mahad Egal
Mahad Egal, posing as the victim with help from the media

Here we hear a testimony from a Mahad Egal, I wasn’t convinced. Maybe the network didn’t have enough time to vet him before airing him, either way I suspect his statement. It is not an unusual practise to get actors to play the part of witnesses because they’re easier to hand a script to.

So, I typed ‘Mahad Egal’ into Google and stumbled upon this page for ‘The Fire of London’ (2017). I noticed they had a list of the cast they’d used, a handy list of all the witnesses they’d used. Here:

Grenfell Tower Documentary
Directs you to all the people who played a role in the media coverage, witnesses and alike.

That was not the end of Mahad Egal, it turns out he owns a few companies. One which is called Great Britain Marketing Limited.

The interesting thing is that he posted his full address for these companies, the most recent one, might shock you.

Mahad Egal's home, not Grenfell Tower
Mahad Egal’s home, not Grenfell Tower

He doesn’t live at Grenfell Tower, he lives around the corner at 11 Camelford Walk.

So all the money he has earned in this fundraiser, ought to go to the actual victims.

Mahad Egal Donations
Mahad Egal Donations

Then we have a hero Firefighter named as Damian Magee. An article claims that in a harrowing account, DM told how he looked up at kids with faces pressed against windows and banging the glass for help.

Damian Magee
Damian Magee posing in a photo posing as a London Fire Brigade officer

Turns out he also is a Senior Consultant with over 22 years’ experience within the pensions administration sector. With a company called Punter Southall;

Damian Magee
Damian Magee

Well I learnt something new when I researched this. Don’t trust any media, they’re all plugged into the matrix.

Lastly, I think this incident is horrific and it’s nothing to be glossed over, we are helpless human beings to the powers that be. Hearts go out to the actual victims in this incident.