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Voynich Manuscript – Naked Ladies

The part I want to draw attention towards are the naked ladies in the diagram surrounded by what seems like tubes, rather, plumbing. I believe that the Manuscript holds an ancient interpretation of quantum mechanics*, specifically in these sets of drawings. I’ll start at the most logical place, the atom. The atom is the smallest indivisible quantity in the universe, some sort of spherical concoction of science. It’s comprised of shells and between those layers lies empty space, logic persists that this empty space is made up of material i.e. more shells. The argument of ‘Turtles all the Way Down’ rings a bell (shells upon shells).

*Quantum mechanics in a sentence. It’s like having a stopwatch in your hand and clicking it the exact moment you fall asleep, it’s an aspect of science that’s immeasurable.


That being said I believe the women depict the modern electron (the only true fundamental particle) which acts as a quantum glue/life + energy (as it would have been seen) for the tubes. I’ve also seen the word ‘oro’ be deciphered as ‘aura’ which links closely to soul, perhaps the intention given the religious period.

It would seem that ancient civilisations were very familiar with this notion, also consider that plumbing can be found in the earliest roots of civilisation. It’s not hard to understand why this specific image would be chosen. I believe Renes Descartes analogy of the mind plays a part here, whereby he marks the complex relationship between fountain and fountaineer in a similar fashion to our mysterious author.

Please contribute if at all possible (comments), let’s understand the monoverse together. New content, judge not my older works, they need work.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (just no!)

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

There are tellers when there’s a film you ought to watch, Prometheus was a good example, the air was right and the trailer had me convinced. It wasn’t a stupid action movie and I felt drawn to watching the movie at the pictures because the budget was reasonable and it’s a franchise which I’m itching to know more about.

I’m a marvel fan and when time is invested in these movies it’s because the universe will evolve and naturally I want to be a part of it. Unfortunately, this universe has let me down and a lot of the ‘movie commentators’ who I’ve paid attention too, like Kevin Smith or Screen Junkies, get it wrong time and time again. It might suck, or it won’t be that bad.

So, what Spidey sense are tingling with this film? The relentless amount of promotion, DJ Khaled, 66.6% Robert Downey Jr., all 10 trailers of this movie (too many as if they have something to prove), the bad guy used to play batman… what the fuck? And Tom Holland interviews, really? This guy??

Iron Man was great, it was different, it’s a character I wasn’t fully aware of and brought him to the mainstream. Not Robert Downey Jr. despite his performance. The original Spider-Man was the same, it was a stupid movie but it ticked every box.

If you want something Marvel and worth your time, Netflix has really upped their game such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Movies which I plan on watching that seem worth watching Blade Runner: 2049, Atomic Blonde and The Foreigner (with Jackie Chan). They probably all have the same formula as nearly 99.99% of other films, but with enough variation to make it worthwhile.f

Blade Runner – Trailer

Atomic Blonde – Trailer

The Foreigner – Trailer

Keaton Batman
Michael Keaton as Batman
Communism, it's always been there.

Case For Communism

We live in a communistic dictatorship.

Communism is a patriot’s worst dream, almost as bad as socialism or otherwise a nanny-state.

By definition communism:

A theory or system of social organizations in which all property is owned by the community.

The reverse of this is anarchism:

A theory or system of social organizations in which all property is owned by the individuals themselves.

We can all agree that our current society is somewhere in the middle, because not either of the two options in their extremes are favourable. Communism is fairly representative of government; all public-sector employment is a form of socialism. The UK government employees are around 5.4 million (figure), whereas in America the figure is 22 million (figure).

The largest companies in the world couldn’t compete with this profuse amount of labour. The amount of influence this has when maintaining a global regime is monumental, the biggest union by far in every country is the public sector. Offering maximum support to the regimented system, otherwise it’s their salary on the line. Such as policemen, politicians, school-teachers and public health carers. We can extend this number by those on social security, benefits and student loans (universities show a vested interest here).

Where we would love anarchism to shine is the private sector. Companies should be able to start as easily as they fall because property extends as far as dissolvable assets. So long as consumers exist within these micro-pockets of people then you have a zero-risk economy. As companies (banks) grow larger, irreversible dangers and liabilities ensue. The mechanisms by which these monopolies exist are thanks to intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and a hugely unregulated industry. Dangerously communist.

Side-note: These laws are universal, in a sense, communist.

List of companies with too much money (our risk)

As a society, we are bound by biological morality and a cultural code of ethics. Neither religion or law enforcement play a role towards keeping us in check. We live in a ‘Do unto others as you would do unto you’ civilisation. Deep down we all have a purpose whether you look after your children, run a business, finance a social status or in the process of putting your life together. In short, I’m too busy with life to spoil it by committing a crime.

On the other hand, if government persists to chip away at our rights and treat us like good for nothing kids, that’s scary approach to how government is run.

The lack of communication between the British government and people in the community is very poor.

Finally, the Case for Communism. Together we live in communities called cities and towns in which we all go about our lives masquerading under the clouds, nothing has to change but a slight adjustment. Instead of having a middle-man (government) intervening behind the scenes taking the credit for harmony that we initiated, we ought to drop this facade.

We live in a mix between communism and dictatorship, and I’m tired of dictators.

Communism, it's always been there.
Communism, it’s always been there.


Actors for Grenfell Tower

Actors for Grenfell Tower

When I see an incident that’s covered by major networks around the globe I find it suspicious. Especially in this case, when the official narrative says this was due to a hotpoint fridge.

Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower

I’m interested. Leads me to investigate further. I normally inspect these situations on my computer and scrutinise different angles, on average I find something that amuses me. But this case is different, there’s a few.

Mahad Egal
Mahad Egal, posing as the victim with help from the media


Here we hear a testimony from a Mahad Egal, I wasn’t convinced. Maybe the network didn’t have enough time to vet him before airing him, either way I suspect his statement. It is not an unusual practise to get actors to play the part of witnesses because they’re easier to hand a script to.

So, I typed ‘Mahad Egal’ into Google and stumbled upon this page for ‘The Fire of London’ (2017). I noticed they had a list of the cast they’d used, a handy list of all the witnesses they’d used. Here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7033588/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt

Grenfell Tower Documentary
Directs you to all the people who played a role in the media coverage, witnesses and alike.

That was not the end of Mahad Egal, it turns out he owns a few companies. One which is called Great Britain Marketing Limited.


The interesting thing is that he posted his full address for these companies, the most recent one, might shock you.

Mahad Egal's home, not Grenfell Tower
Mahad Egal’s home, not Grenfell Tower

He doesn’t live at Grenfell Tower, he lives around the corner at 11 Camelford Walk.

So all the money he has earned in this fundraiser, ought to go to the actual victims.

Mahad Egal Donations
Mahad Egal Donations

Then we have a hero Firefighter named as Damian Magee. An article claims that in a harrowing account, DM told how he looked up at kids with faces pressed against windows and banging the glass for help.

Damian Magee
Damian Magee posing in a photo posing as a London Fire Brigade officer


Turns out he also is a Senior Consultant with over 22 years’ experience within the pensions administration sector. With a company called Punter Southall; http://www.puntersouthall.com/About%20us/Pages/Profile.aspx?pID=84

Damian Magee
Damian Magee

Well I learnt something new when I researched this. Don’t trust any media, they’re all plugged into the matrix.

Lastly, I think this incident is horrific and it’s nothing to be glossed over, we are helpless human beings to the powers that be. Hearts go out to the actual victims in this incident.

A Case For Religion

Where are you Jesus?

I knew of many biblical stories before I had ever seen a church, so I had a taste of admiring the stories without the mindless hours of servitude to an institution (pardon my bias). I liked Jesus for his rebellious nature, reminded me when Jesus first entered a church.

Then Jesus went into the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there.’

That is the figurehead I lone for, no ruler or cleric has the same moral fibre to go through life like he did and as a result his name is uttered almost 2000 years on. If I were to name anyone else from that period I’d be stumped, the merchandise of that age? The politicians of the time? Musicians? Artists? It was the revolution that Christ had launched that earned him his name in history, it will forever stand the test of time.

Despite that, his merits came from action and building communities from virtues. Whereas in this modern age his vision is replaced by a franchise who admire Jesus from a distance of over 2 millenniums. The house of the Lord dares not tamper with its own teachings or practises, showing the underlying agenda of religion and maintaining your audience. From a philosophical perspective, Jesus would spit on the Vatican.

There is one thing I’m certain everyone from atheists to theists can agree with, Jesus or other Messiahs alike, are not returning. Which leaves a few interesting doors open, who will take his place in history?

Maybe we have too many remarkable individuals men in history already, such as Plato, Socrates and Laozi. Everyone is a great thinker but no-one can stand the testament of action, and the achievements of the scholars before us have done so with the aid of institutions. If not for the Platonic University or Library of Alexandria, what we know today would long perished. Whereas Jesus started from nothing and didn’t have the same resources or (white) background most had.

Ancient figureheads were truly undeterred by chaos and irrationally and spoke many wonderful teachings, yet our macrocosm is still in this noxious shape. Which is why I cannot hold organised dogmas or conventions to a divine stature.

In short, we can escape in our minds and the past for strength, or we can live in the present and make actions that speak louder than words. Enough to last for existence itself.

Those who veer off the path away from the norm and survive, are exceptional. – TheKnow.blog (2017)


Mr Smith
Mr Smith, side with him and that makes you a hypocrite.





Supercell: Brawl Stars Review

Trash Talking the Biggest Mobile Gaming Company

Clash of Clans wasn’t necessarily a new idea and didn’t bring any innovative features to the table, just another tower building app. The games continued success is because of the huge player base and popular names in the industry which were behind them, otherwise it would have flopped.

Clash Royale was a fresh addition to the series, it contained elements of chess with some colour. The gameplay can get frustrating but the quickness is appealing. You get a variety of play styles, strategy and characters. The only catch with this game is that you’re playing a lottery, your enemy might have a troop which destroys your platoon. At this point, strategy won’t save your game. Actually, an idea that has been wreaking havoc on my concentration is the idea that Supercell are using bots faking as players within the game.

Now comes Brawl Stars, an Overwatch rip-off with elements of Bomberman. That being said both Blizzard and Supercell are owned by the same company, Tencent. As for the game, it was soft-launched for a reason.

Tencent Subsidiaries
Tencent Subsidiaries

A big reason why I play mobile games are because of the internet personalities on sites like YouTube who excite me enough to play these games, I’m a sucker for marketing. Content creators are irreplaceable as they themselves continue a games popularity perhaps years after its initial mainstream success. But for Brawl Stars, it seems lacklustre in material because of its monotonous nature.

Grown Men Shouldn’t Play This Game* (‘Brawl Stars Tournament’)

Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are pleasant games to stream and watch because everything is located on one screen and there is a level of anticipation in constructing increasingly complex strategies to overcome an opponent in a matter of seconds. For a company like Supercell that have slowly built up these games with clever tactics and manoeuvring, this new game blows.

Not only do mobile phone companies purposely thin out competition for more established brands, we’re seeing audiences of people lose interest in gaming as a result. For example, Treyarch and Activision will never repeat their initial success and it’s about time these companies moved out of the way for a much younger and talented generation to take over. The illusion of popularity is not a viable business model.

To just talk about the game itself would have been mind-numbing so I pulled some strings together on this one, it’s just an opinion.

*I know its their job, that can’t be helped, but Supercell really needs to make their job a little easier.

Genre of games I would like to see on the platform:

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley (casual farm RPG)


HABBO (room creator/virtual forum)
Starcraft (quick ground-up economy based game)
Swarm Bot Zombie Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Swarm Bot Zombie Game)
BUZZ! (entertaining general knowledge game)
BUZZ! (entertaining general knowledge game/ChromeCast?)