YouTube = Politics

How do YouTubers get views and why it’s Political

I have never poured so much attention and time into understanding politics and economics, only to walk away with disappointment again and again. I’m not frustrated or angry, I’m just really bored. Year after year it’s the same bullshit. ‘This year is going to be different folks, but still much of the same’. There is nobody on this planet I could call a hero or a leader. The truth is that nobody is a hero, this world doesn’t need heroes, they’ve either been killed or shunned by a blah-blah-blah establishment.

The truth is nobody watches the news, nobody is politically active and your vote isn’t a privilege or a right, it’s a novelty. When it comes to anything to do with politics, it’s all an elaborate show. You see, deep down we care for a few minutes but not enough to watch hours of coverage. The media seems to care more about these issues than we do, yet they hardly cover what we want to see.

That’s when I go, hmmmm…

I’ve got a quick case study before I get into the good stuff. YouTubers fake views. Here’s a quick tip on knowing how they do it:

1. Click on a video

2. Find a relevant URL part

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 20.40.49.png

3. Google this

4. Find a dodgy website this has been posted on, e.g.

All YouTubers do this to artificially inflate their views. Why haven’t YouTube done something about this? Because they would lose their captive audience, we would no longer trust them, views would go down into the thousands and it would make us question everything.

Is this real? How would we know. It could be 42??

view counter for youtube
view counter for youtube

The most important point, YouTube is a powerful platform for communication in the millions, people can’t just be allowed to post what they want to post. Someone with intelligent and rational opinions is a dangerous person, because they would tackle questions about taxation or rigged elections. Unlike some of the idiot reporters or media, ahem. Maybe musicians could exceed the mainstream charts, homemade movies might gain more traction than a blockbuster.

Therefore, YouTube has to exist and hold a monopoly on video sharing, but it also has to be closely monitored. So are all your favourite sites, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. We technically have consumer choice, but the invisible hand decides which sites or apps are going to succeed. If there are 7 billion people on this planet, why do we only have a few popular websites?

Government is the same. What if the media and government are working hand in hand to inflate or exaggerate politics more than it is. Fuck the system, go anarchy whoop whoop.

Nixon Quote
The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television. Richard M. Nixon, U.S. president

My existential crisis. (w/examples)

Firstly I’ll describe my journey to this point. When I was much younger I used to go to church, and I was told of the existence of a God which saw and heard all. I knew for sure, I was going to hell. I’d cussed too much, I drew graphic imagery of stickmen getting into fights. I was a bad kid. But for me to take this huge leap of faith.. and truly believe something I’d not heard or seen from for all those years. Taking who’s word for it? Not to mention such ideas preyed on my mind.

At about the same time in primary school I took on little philosophical challenges, mental games if you will. What if the Earth was always constantly restarting after each cycle, does it restart exactly the same, or are there changes. What makes those changes etc. But luckily for me I couldn’t extend these ideas any further than ideas, to do so could have really fucked me up. I’m not smart enough, I’ll never know.

Now I’m 19 and I live every day picking up pieces to this puzzle that I try not to think about. But with how my life is shaped right now with full-time work and all, I’ve got a good amount of time to reflect, that’s the fucking worst. Whilst I’m doing easy work (e.g. peeling prawns) I want to cut my dick off. Anyway have some mind-fuck ideas for free:

  1. Everything we process as seeing, is 2D.
  2. In a 1,000 years would we have the capabilities to recreate this world, yeah yeah yeah.
  3. Everything we see, feel, hear, touch are through our human senses. We’ll never know what this world truly looks, feels and sounds like. E.g. our eyes absorb bits of frequencies, to produce an image, otherwise this world is cascading in darkness.
  4. There is no such this as true randomness.
  5. Could we be going backwards and never know it. This one doesn’t make sense at first, but take a moment.swordao

This is just the cusp, I’m still working on the creme de la creme.