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Voynich Manuscript – Naked Ladies

The part I want to draw attention towards are the naked ladies in the diagram surrounded by what seems like tubes, rather, plumbing. I believe that the Manuscript holds an ancient interpretation of quantum mechanics*, specifically in these sets of drawings. I’ll start at the most logical place, the atom. The atom is the smallest indivisible quantity in the universe, some sort of spherical concoction of science. It’s comprised of shells and between those layers lies empty space, logic persists that this empty space is made up of material i.e. more shells. The argument of ‘Turtles all the Way Down’ rings a bell (shells upon shells).

*Quantum mechanics in a sentence. It’s like having a stopwatch in your hand and clicking it the exact moment you fall asleep, it’s an aspect of science that’s immeasurable.


That being said I believe the women depict the modern electron (the only true fundamental particle) which acts as a quantum glue/life + energy (as it would have been seen) for the tubes. I’ve also seen the word ‘oro’ be deciphered as ‘aura’ which links closely to soul, perhaps the intention given the religious period.

It would seem that ancient civilisations were very familiar with this notion, also consider that plumbing can be found in the earliest roots of civilisation. It’s not hard to understand why this specific image would be chosen. I believe Renes Descartes analogy of the mind plays a part here, whereby he marks the complex relationship between fountain and fountaineer in a similar fashion to our mysterious author.

Please contribute if at all possible (comments), let’s understand the monoverse together. New content, judge not my older works, they need work.


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