Spider-Man: Homecoming (just no!)

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

There are tellers when there’s a film you ought to watch, Prometheus was a good example, the air was right and the trailer had me convinced. It wasn’t a stupid action movie and I felt drawn to watching the movie at the pictures because the budget was reasonable and it’s a franchise which I’m itching to know more about.

I’m a marvel fan and when time is invested in these movies it’s because the universe will evolve and naturally I want to be a part of it. Unfortunately, this universe has let me down and a lot of the ‘movie commentators’ who I’ve paid attention too, like Kevin Smith or Screen Junkies, get it wrong time and time again. It might suck, or it won’t be that bad.

So, what Spidey sense are tingling with this film? The relentless amount of promotion, DJ Khaled, 66.6% Robert Downey Jr., all 10 trailers of this movie (too many as if they have something to prove), the bad guy used to play batman… what the fuck? And Tom Holland interviews, really? This guy??

Iron Man was great, it was different, it’s a character I wasn’t fully aware of and brought him to the mainstream. Not Robert Downey Jr. despite his performance. The original Spider-Man was the same, it was a stupid movie but it ticked every box.

If you want something Marvel and worth your time, Netflix has really upped their game such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Movies which I plan on watching that seem worth watching Blade Runner: 2049, Atomic Blonde and The Foreigner (with Jackie Chan). They probably all have the same formula as nearly 99.99% of other films, but with enough variation to make it worthwhile.f

Blade Runner – Trailer

Atomic Blonde – Trailer

The Foreigner – Trailer

Keaton Batman
Michael Keaton as Batman

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