Case For Communism

We live in a communistic dictatorship.

Communism is a patriot’s worst dream, almost as bad as socialism or otherwise a nanny-state.

By definition communism:

A theory or system of social organizations in which all property is owned by the community.

The reverse of this is anarchism:

A theory or system of social organizations in which all property is owned by the individuals themselves.

We can all agree that our current society is somewhere in the middle, because not either of the two options in their extremes are favourable. Communism is fairly representative of government; all public-sector employment is a form of socialism. The UK government employees are around 5.4 million (figure), whereas in America the figure is 22 million (figure).

The largest companies in the world couldn’t compete with this profuse amount of labour. The amount of influence this has when maintaining a global regime is monumental, the biggest union by far in every country is the public sector. Offering maximum support to the regimented system, otherwise it’s their salary on the line. Such as policemen, politicians, school-teachers and public health carers. We can extend this number by those on social security, benefits and student loans (universities show a vested interest here).

Where we would love anarchism to shine is the private sector. Companies should be able to start as easily as they fall because property extends as far as dissolvable assets. So long as consumers exist within these micro-pockets of people then you have a zero-risk economy. As companies (banks) grow larger, irreversible dangers and liabilities ensue. The mechanisms by which these monopolies exist are thanks to intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and a hugely unregulated industry. Dangerously communist.

Side-note: These laws are universal, in a sense, communist.

List of companies with too much money (our risk)

As a society, we are bound by biological morality and a cultural code of ethics. Neither religion or law enforcement play a role towards keeping us in check. We live in a ‘Do unto others as you would do unto you’ civilisation. Deep down we all have a purpose whether you look after your children, run a business, finance a social status or in the process of putting your life together. In short, I’m too busy with life to spoil it by committing a crime.

On the other hand, if government persists to chip away at our rights and treat us like good for nothing kids, that’s scary approach to how government is run.

The lack of communication between the British government and people in the community is very poor.

Finally, the Case for Communism. Together we live in communities called cities and towns in which we all go about our lives masquerading under the clouds, nothing has to change but a slight adjustment. Instead of having a middle-man (government) intervening behind the scenes taking the credit for harmony that we initiated, we ought to drop this facade.

We live in a mix between communism and dictatorship, and I’m tired of dictators.

Communism, it's always been there.
Communism, it’s always been there.



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