A Case For Religion

Where are you Jesus?

I knew of many biblical stories before I had ever seen a church, so I had a taste of admiring the stories without the mindless hours of servitude to an institution (pardon my bias). I liked Jesus for his rebellious nature, reminded me when Jesus first entered a church.

Then Jesus went into the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there.’

That is the figurehead I lone for, no ruler or cleric has the same moral fibre to go through life like he did and as a result his name is uttered almost 2000 years on. If I were to name anyone else from that period I’d be stumped, the merchandise of that age? The politicians of the time? Musicians? Artists? It was the revolution that Christ had launched that earned him his name in history, it will forever stand the test of time.

Despite that, his merits came from action and building communities from virtues. Whereas in this modern age his vision is replaced by a franchise who admire Jesus from a distance of over 2 millenniums. The house of the Lord dares not tamper with its own teachings or practises, showing the underlying agenda of religion and maintaining your audience. From a philosophical perspective, Jesus would spit on the Vatican.

There is one thing I’m certain everyone from atheists to theists can agree with, Jesus or other Messiahs alike, are not returning. Which leaves a few interesting doors open, who will take his place in history?

Maybe we have too many remarkable individuals men in history already, such as Plato, Socrates and Laozi. Everyone is a great thinker but no-one can stand the testament of action, and the achievements of the scholars before us have done so with the aid of institutions. If not for the Platonic University or Library of Alexandria, what we know today would long perished. Whereas Jesus started from nothing and didn’t have the same resources or (white) background most had.

Ancient figureheads were truly undeterred by chaos and irrationally and spoke many wonderful teachings, yet our macrocosm is still in this noxious shape. Which is why I cannot hold organised dogmas or conventions to a divine stature.

In short, we can escape in our minds and the past for strength, or we can live in the present and make actions that speak louder than words. Enough to last for existence itself.

Those who veer off the path away from the norm and survive, are exceptional. – TheKnow.blog (2017)


Mr Smith
Mr Smith, side with him and that makes you a hypocrite.






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