Supercell: Brawl Stars Review

Trash Talking the Biggest Mobile Gaming Company

Clash of Clans wasn’t necessarily a new idea and didn’t bring any innovative features to the table, just another tower building app. The games continued success is because of the huge player base and popular names in the industry which were behind them, otherwise it would have flopped.

Clash Royale was a fresh addition to the series, it contained elements of chess with some colour. The gameplay can get frustrating but the quickness is appealing. You get a variety of play styles, strategy and characters. The only catch with this game is that you’re playing a lottery, your enemy might have a troop which destroys your platoon. At this point, strategy won’t save your game. Actually, an idea that has been wreaking havoc on my concentration is the idea that Supercell are using bots faking as players within the game.

Now comes Brawl Stars, an Overwatch rip-off with elements of Bomberman. That being said both Blizzard and Supercell are owned by the same company, Tencent. As for the game, it was soft-launched for a reason.

Tencent Subsidiaries
Tencent Subsidiaries

A big reason why I play mobile games are because of the internet personalities on sites like YouTube who excite me enough to play these games, I’m a sucker for marketing. Content creators are irreplaceable as they themselves continue a games popularity perhaps years after its initial mainstream success. But for Brawl Stars, it seems lacklustre in material because of its monotonous nature.

Grown Men Shouldn’t Play This Game* (‘Brawl Stars Tournament’)

Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are pleasant games to stream and watch because everything is located on one screen and there is a level of anticipation in constructing increasingly complex strategies to overcome an opponent in a matter of seconds. For a company like Supercell that have slowly built up these games with clever tactics and manoeuvring, this new game blows.

Not only do mobile phone companies purposely thin out competition for more established brands, we’re seeing audiences of people lose interest in gaming as a result. For example, Treyarch and Activision will never repeat their initial success and it’s about time these companies moved out of the way for a much younger and talented generation to take over. The illusion of popularity is not a viable business model.

To just talk about the game itself would have been mind-numbing so I pulled some strings together on this one, it’s just an opinion.

*I know its their job, that can’t be helped, but Supercell really needs to make their job a little easier.

Genre of games I would like to see on the platform:

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley (casual farm RPG)


HABBO (room creator/virtual forum)
Starcraft (quick ground-up economy based game)
Swarm Bot Zombie Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Swarm Bot Zombie Game)
BUZZ! (entertaining general knowledge game)
BUZZ! (entertaining general knowledge game/ChromeCast?)

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